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Separated at Birth?

April 9, 2007

OK…If Jason and Brandon are separated at birth

Maybe Sprocket & I are…you decide!

Hmmm….how can I make those bigger?


A Great Story Part 2

April 5, 2007

If these are too long, don’t read them together!

BTW – That really is our motorhome on the top of the last post!

So, we pulled into our church parking lot in Ohio.  We were supposed close on our house that day, but it was going to be 2 weeks before we could take possession, so our plan was to spend a short 2 weeks in the motorhome.  When we got over to our new home, the realtor told us that there were “mold” problems, and the mortgage company was refusing final approval on the financing.  What we saw was a damp spot in the basement where there was a little mildew, but the inspector was from Cleveland, and they have had black mold scares up there, and inspectors are really trying to cover their rears!

So, it was time to secure new financing.  We found a company who said they could assure closing within about 2 weeks.  That meant that we would be in our motorhome for 2 weeks until closing and then the contract said they had 2 weeks to vacate the house.  Remember, 4 kids, 2 dogs, and a cat in a 28 foot motorhome in Ohio in the beginning of winter!  Oh what fun!

Do you recall why I named this blog cyclical vomit?  One of my daughters has cyclical vomiting syndrome which causes her to start vomiting uncontrollaby on a set cycle.  We have her on medicine to control this, but any time she gets a flu bug, or any other stomach virus, after she has finished being sick from that, her body goes into vomit mode for 3 days.  In our 3rd week in the motorhome (parked behind the church by the way) all of our kids began geting sick.  The younger 2 started on Sunday and Monday, and got it again on Thursday.  Our oldest got it on Wednesday, but somehow we managed to keep the one who has CVS from getting it…until Friday!  After 1 day of the vomit in the motorhome, we decided we were getting a hotel!  2 rooms – one for a parent and the vomitter, one for the other parent and the rest of the kids.  We took turns in the more desirable room!

In our 6th week in the motorhome, the kids had gone to be with the grandparents, and I had my first funeral to do at my new church.  Sunday morning we got up, and it was extremely cold in the motorhome.  Our propane had run out.  That means pipes start freezing, and there are no warm showers!  Since I had visitation the next morning, and there was so much going on, we had to get a hotel again!  Boy were we ready to be in our house! 

On Thursday morning, December 7th, we finally took possession of our house!  I had mentioned in my last blog that we left Oklahoma on October 30th, we actually left on the 29th, but had been in the motorhome since October 25th since our house there was emptied that day!  October 25th – December 7th in a motorhome with 4 kids, 2 dogs, and a cat.  Did I mention that we are homeschoolers, so the kids were with us all day!  Praise God for grandparents who took them some!

 Sprocket, Brandon, Skubalon & Redheaddmbfan – I hope your moves go more smoothly!

Some time I will tell you about all the things that broke on the house!


As a Dog

March 27, 2007

I got to thinking last night!  Yes, it did hurt, but that is not the point.  I actually was thinking about my username and blog name.  I didn’t actually realize that I was putting my user name as cyclicalvomit, I thought I was naming the blog, but that is ok, it creates a buzz.  Anyway, yesterday I was called cynical vomit.  I thought, well, I hope I don’t always come across as cynical.

While I was thinking about the name, I realized that it fits on so many levels.  Not only is my daughter’s disease cyclical vomiting syndrome, and I will regurgitate thing over and over again, it is biblical.  I was thinking about the sin in our lives, and why we always seem to come back to it.  Of course, that got me thinking about Proverbs 26:11 “As a dog returns to its vomit, so a fool repeats his folly.”  A dog keeps going back to the his own vomit, the very thing that his body had expelled because it was vulgar to him, we keep going back to our sin despite its vulgarity to us.

Paul struggled with this when he said, “I do not understand what I do.  For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do.” (Romans 7:15)  We know it is wrong…we have already bowed our knee before God and called it sin just like he calls it, but we struggle with it, we keep going back to it.  I remember asking a group of adults in a Bible Study to share what their greatest sin struggle was.  I pointed to someone, and asked them to share.  The look on their face was priceless.  Of course, I was kidding, but the point was that each one of us struggles with sin in our life.  Why do we do it?  Why can’t we stop?  Does this give us license to continue in that sin?  Of course not!  Paul addresses that when he uses the strongest Greek negative, ‘may gnoita’, “By no means” in the NIV is probably a little weak.  “Heck no” (probably not heck) would be about as strong as it gets. 

I guess what it comes down to is this…no matter who you are, preacher, sunday school teacher, worship leader, pew warmer, person outside the church completely, we are lost without God!  We have nothing if we don’t have redemption through the blood of Jesus Christ.  His work on the cross took our sins, and forgiveness is offered. 

Praise God we are forgiven and free!


What are you talking about?

March 22, 2007

Well, I have finally forayed into the Blogosphere!

 Let me explain the title a little!  I have a daughter who suffers from cyclical vomitting syndrome which basically means when she does not have her medicine, she will begin vomitting at regular intervals, and usually doesn’t stop for 3 days.

A friend told me that if I ever blogged, it would have to be titled cyclical vomit, or something to that effect!  I figured that works pretty well since this is supposed to be me talking, and since I really don’t know all that much about anything, I will be regurgitating the same stuff on a regular cycle!